Feel free to visit the Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory

In 1936 a small observatory was built on, what were then, the outskirts of Eindhoven. It was a dream come true for a local amateur astronomy club, which was founded two years earlier by a handful of local Philips Electronics engineers. Dr. Anton F. Philips, CEO of the Philips company, generously funded the new observatory and approved the design and construction of its large telescope in the company’s factory. Today, the observatory is part of Eindhoven’s industrial heritage and the original telescope is available for public viewing. The amateur astronomy club (Eindhovense Weer- en Sterrenkundige Kring or EWSK) calls the Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory home. The Observatory is a non-profit organization that is operated by EWSK volunteers for the benefit of the community in the Eindhoven region.


Since 1938 the Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory has been receiving visitors of all ages who desire to experience the wonders of the universe. The 3.5 m long telescope allows one to see galaxies and gas nebulae that are millions of light-years away. Other spectacular objects that can be viewed at the observatory include craters and mountain ranges on the Moon, the famous rings around Saturn, and the moons around Jupiter.

Come and visit the observatory

A visit to the observatory is interesting and fun for both children and adults. Whether it is a clear night or not, let us take you on an interesting journey through the universe. It will be an inspiring experience !

Public viewing nights

From October through April the observatory holds public viewing nights once a month, on an early Tuesday of the month, check our schedule Agenda and look for Open voor publiek entries.  The viewing nights begin at 8:00 pm and end at 10:00 pm. During these public viewing nights a guide will give a presentation and a tour of the observatory and its large telescope.  If the sky is clear, the dome will be opened to allow observations of celestial bodies with the telescope.  If the sky is cloudy, the evening will still be interesting and fun.  Please note that the public viewing events are in Dutch but often there will be an observatory volunteer available to do a small tour in English parallel to the Dutch group.  The topics, dates and times of our public viewing events and other events can be found in our Agenda.

Entrance fee for the public viewing events:
Adults: € 2,50 pp
Children from 10 years old: € 2,50 pp

English language group visits

English language group visits can be arranged outside of the schedule of regular public viewing nights, which are in Dutch. Please request such visits at least three weeks in advance via this form (opens in your e-mail program. We have a maximum of 30 visitors. After receiving the form the observatory will contact you to arrange details.

Rate for group visits:
Adults: €2,50 pp
Children from 10 years old: € 2,50 pp
There is a minimum rate of €25,00 for groups e.g. if the group consists of more than ten adults.
Also there is a reduced rate for group visits by primary and VMBO schools of €10,00 per group plus €1,00 per visitor.
We have only PIN policy ! No cash payment is possible.

Astronomy Association EWSK

The EWSK (Eindhovense Weer- en Sterrenkundige Kring) is an amateur astronomy club associated with the Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory. The EWSK has informal meetings at the observatory every 2nd Wednesday of the month from October through June starting at 8:00 pm and end at 10:00 pm. If you are interested in meeting with other amateur astronomers and would like to know more about our members and activities, please visit us during one of these informal meetings.
We look forward to meet you !